Student Housing


Purpose-built student housing is designed for higher education serving undergraduate and graduate college students housing needs. The design of the communities offers a variety of amenities tailored specifically to students. Some examples of these specialized amenities include study rooms, fitness centers, game rooms, fully furnished rooms with intelligent roommate matching capabilities. Optimizing the proximity to campus makes our student housing portfolio the first choice for many university students. One of the key features of student housing is individual lease option and the appeal of limited liability to parental guarantors.


HH FUND has established itself as one of the leading student housing providers in the United States, while building a strong reputation with pre-offer due diligence and standing behind its purchase agreements and providing unparalleled performance. HH FUND serves as the owner, asset manager and property manager of its student housing portfolio.

HH FUND operate over around 5,000 beds nationwide, consistently exceeding our residents’ expectations with the highest level of service with the following strategies:

-Refined management focus on all aspect of property operation, including revenues, occupancy, expense and capital expenditures.

-Enlarge scale effect and fulfill needs from different market segment.

-Exclusive student service with insightful event and welcome package Pre-leasing velocity management and software solutions.

“I still remember the night that I first came to the U.S for undergrad. My flight was delayed, so by the time I arrived my apartment, the office was closed. I had no choice but to look for a hotel with two huge suitcases with me in that unfamiliar city.

It was an unforgettable experience and let me notice that some parts of service in student housing has long been ignored. Many student housing operators can’t provide all-around services to residences especially for international students.

Thanks to my time pursuing my MBA at Johns Hopkins University, I met my partners Tony Shen and Gary Chen. After deep research and analysis on U.S real estate market, we learned that student housing asset has some niche advantages setting it apart from other asset types. We also believe that putting efforts on international leasing and student services can add tremendous value to our assets and our residents.”

CEO, Haoyu Wang

Difference between HH FUND’s property

and conventional Multi-Family

Our Property

Conventional Multi-Family


Within 2 miles from target university

Usually located in urban environment

Floor Plan

Mainly focus on 3 to 4 bedrooms

Mainly Focus on Studio, 1 or 2 bedrooms

Lease Type

Rent by bed, individual leases

Rent by unit


Student, college staff, faculty, etc.

Professional and family

Leasing period

School year


Apartment Amenities

Include furniture and utilities

Furniture and utilities not included

Community Amenities

Fitness center, study room, game room

Community room

Other Service

Welcome parties, monthly events, shuttle services, package delivery


HH Student Housing Sample Floor Plan

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