Founder & CEO

Haoyu Wang

During Mr. Wang’s time at Johns Hopkins University, he founded HH in the United States by forecasting unique industry risk opportunities, sensitive analysis and superior judgement on investment projects.

He was selected for 30 under 30 list in 2019. In addition, Mr. Wang is the Chairman of Dayu Water Group.

Mr. Wang holds his MBA from John Hopkins University and has a double bachelor’s degree in economics and Management from China Agricultural University and Purdue University.


Co-Founder & CFO

Gaocai (Gary) Chen

Mr. Chen is highly experienced in international real estate acquisitions and global real-estate management. His past responsibilities have included property management post acquisition, fundraising and implementation.Mr. Chen has a master’s degree from John Hopkins University in financial mathematics, bachelor’s degree in Economics from China Agricultural University and bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Purdue University.

Co-Founder & COO

Tony Shen

Mr. Shen has 15 years of management experience. He has a strong knowledge base in Marketing, Business Development, Customer Relations and Program Management. He has bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Mr. Shen achieved master’s degrees from John Hopkin’s University in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information systems. Mr. Shen also achieved his MBA from John Hopkins University.


Anthony Gao

Mr. Gao serves as an advisor, supporting the organization’s goals and objectives by providing oversight, guidance, and expertise. He has over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields within the real estate industry.

Our Management Team

Lee Chen

Managing Director

Kelley Brine

Managing Director of

HH Red Stone

Robin Su

Accounting Director

Pearly Liang

Acquisition Manager

Ying Wang

Regional Manager

Erika Castellon

Regional Manager

Yifan Li

Investor Relations Manager


Lexie Liu

Asset Manager


Doris Zhang

International Leasing Manager

Our Supporting Team


Maria Cajudoy

Commercial Property Manager

Erik Carrion

IT Support Specialist

Dan Pak

Marketing Specialist

Liam Marketing Specialist

Liam Stultz

Marketing Specialist

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