Focus on investment and management of student housing, as well as comprehensive post-study abroad services

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Key Advantages

Target Market

HH FUND targets top ranked universities with no less than 15,000 students. High preforming cities with low unemployment rate and a healthy financial outlook.

Building Relationships

Build strong relationships with bankers, developers, brokers and other related parties to obtain off the market opportunities.

Investment Criteria

Looking for high potential student housing projects close to major universities in areas with healthy financial stability. Target projects should be within a 1.5 miles of campus boundary and close to public transportation.

Management Team

Our management team has over 40 years of Real Estate related professional experience which is not limited to deal sourcing, due diligence, legal negotiation, ownership structure, capital market, acquisition and property management.

Investment Plan

Market Expansion Plan

Strategically acquire new assets that meet the investment criteria.

Core Asset

Acquire student housing core assets in North America to provide high net worth investors with the best investment options.


Target to achieve student housing REITs in 3-5 years. Expand investment scale and diversify investment risk.

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